Thank you for your interest in our provider portal, PlanLink.

PlanLink gives participating providers the ability to:

  • Confirm member eligibility
  • Request authorizations
  • View authorization status
  • View claim status / send electronic claim appeals
  • Send messages to Community Care Plan (CCP)

To get started, please click below:



  • Who Should Request Access?
    • We recommend PlanLink portal access for any office staff who check member eligibility, request authorization, check auth status, check claim status, send claim appeals, or regularly call CCP to ask questions.
    • Only users who plan to log in to PlanLink at least once a month should request access.
    • If an account remains inactive for 60 days (i.e., no login for 60 days), it will be locked, and can only be unlocked by calling the Memorial Healthcare System (MHS) IT Service Desk.
      • CCP partners with MHS IT to provide technical support to PlanLink users.
  • Designating a Sponsor

    CCP requires the designation of a Sponsor when a Group requires access to PlanLink. The Sponsor must be a CCP Participating Provider/Physician, or an administrative leader/designated signatory for an Ancillary Provider/Vendor. The Sponsor agrees to the following responsibilities:

    • Sponsor the assigned PlanLink Site Manager(s) by completing and signing the Sponsor Designation section of the PlanLink Sponsor and Site Manager Designation Form.
    • Communicate to CCP or MHS IT if the Site Manager(s) indicated on this form leaves the practice/ vendor.
    • Communicate to CCP or MHS IT immediately if the practice/company is no longer contracted with CCP.
    • Communicate to CCP or MHS IT immediately if you, as the Sponsor, leave the practice/ vendor.
    • Provide a revised CCP PlanLink Sponsor and Site Manager Designation Form to CCP if there are any changes to the Designated PlanLink Access Sponsor or Site Manager(s).
    • The Sponsor does not need to complete an individual application/ request PlanLink access for themselves.
  • Site Managers need to have PlanLink Access
    • All portal users (including the Site Manager) are considered PlanLink Users. However, Site Managers are users with additional security access and responsibilities above and beyond basic PlanLink Users.
  • Site Managers

    Each Credentialed Physician Practice or Ancillary Provider/Vendor requesting access must designate at least one Site Manager. The Lead Site Manager must be an Office Manager/ Administrator/ Agency Director for the practice/ vendor requesting access.

    The Lead Site Manager will be responsible for:

    • Signing all System Access Request Forms for all PlanLink users requesting access within their work groups.
    • Inactivating PlanLink users who have left the practice/ vendor, immediately upon their termination.
    • Completing a monthly Site Verification in PlanLink. Site Verification is a function that allows the Site Manager(s) to validate the PlanLink access for all employees and to validate the providers associated with the practice/ vendor’s PlanLink account.
    • Communicate to CCP or MHS IT immediately at 954-276-4848, if the practice/ vendor is no longer contracted with CCP.
    • Provide a revised CCP PlanLink Sponsor and Site Manager Designation Form to CCP if there are any changes to the Designated PlanLink Access Sponsor or Site Manager(s).
    • A second Site Manager can be designated to assist with these responsibilities.
  • Please Note: Failure to complete the monthly Site Verification process in a timely manner will cause all associated users to have their access blocked. It is recommended that two (2) Site Managers be assigned for all groups. This will ensure shared responsibilities and provide an administrative backup.
  • PlanLink Users
    • Each person with access to PlanLink is called a PlanLink “user.” Each user must have an associated PlanLink “Site Manager”.
    • Each PlanLink user must have a unique PlanLink account. Account / password sharing is not allowed and may result in termination of the account.
    • All PlanLink users must carefully read and acknowledge receipt of the associated MHS IT security policies (You will be prompted on this step during the application process).
    • All PlanLink users must designate a 4-digit PIN for themselves. It is imperative that each user chooses a PIN that they can remember. This information is required to verify the user’s identity when calling the MHS IT Service Desk.
  • The Tax ID and Group NPI are required to permit access to authorizations and claims.

Completing your PlanLink Application

Now that you’ve read the Application Guidelines, to request access to PlanLink, simply follow these steps:

Click here to see a short video demonstration of the PlanLink application process.

IMPORTANT: The Lead Site Manager must be the first person to complete the application process. All other users in the group will need to obtain the group’s Application Key from the Lead Site Manager.

Complete application

Each person requesting access must complete an individual application, and ensure all fields are completed accurately and completely prior to submitting.

Download and Print

Download and Print the application.

Initial and sign

Initial and sign the application as designated.

Please note the 4 digit PIN you provided on the form. (Required to get your password set up/ reset.)

Return application(s) to CCP

Scan and email the completed/ signed application(s) to CCP via email at:

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, you have several options:

  • Any office personnel that check member eligibility, request authorizations, status of authorizations and claims status.
  • The Agency Director, Office Manager or Medical Director must complete a PlanLink access application form designating them “Lead Site Manager(s)” or “Secondary Site Manager(s)”.
  • We strongly recommend that both a Lead Site Manager AND a secondary Site Manager be designated to share Site Manager responsibilities.
  • To ensure the security of patient information, each individual who uses PlanLink must have their own unique PlanLink user ID and password. They must also be verified on a monthly basis by their Site Manager.
  • The PlanLink Site Manager must login to PlanLink at least once every thirty (30) days to confirm that all PlanLink users and providers associated with their office/group should still have access and verify that all providers in the group are still valid.
  • In addition, if a staff member or provider leaves the group or no longer needs access to PlanLink, the Site Manager must terminate access immediately.
  • PlanLink Site Managers will also receive occasional emails notifying them of any enhancements or updates to the PlanLink portal. It is essential that Site Managers share this information with all PlanLink users in their office/group.
  • The group Tax ID and group NPI allow PlanLink to merge each providers’s office/group with the linked group of users. This allows each group to successfully request authorizations and review claims within the same group in the PlanLink portal.

Contact Us

If you have additional questions, please send us a message:

We will reply to your message within 3 business days. For urgent questions, please call the CCP Provider Operations Hotline at 1-855-819-9506.